Wednesday, June 27, 2012

JJ Project vs TVXQ

Here comes another ANTM judges moment-like post. It's time for JJ Project people!

I rather not comment on the female Korean artiste, because they are like bunch of Asian Barbie doll, excessively perfect in figure.

JJ Project

As far as I concern, their first boom was from the series Dream High 2, I guess. It's kinda rare to have a duo guy singer in a group in the industry, other than TVXQ [ Changmin and Yunho], JJ Project is famous with their energetic Bounce MV, which can astonish anyone at the first sight.

You don't trust me? Go ahead, try it ~~,

Speaking of TVXQ,
they are the best example as a perfect duo guy singing group. Both Max and Yunho have their own X factor to be outlashed without even shadowing each other.

Max: He have a pair of the most beautiful big eyes for a male Korean. Extreme high vocal range, as tall as Lachowski; everything about him is perfect.

Yunho: He is what an ideal Korean masculine male are made of. Rain's eyes, good dancer, a rapper, muscular face and body; there's not much to complain.

They are like lock and key, matching, COMPLETING each other. 

What about JJ Project?
As a marketing student, from the view of public stunt and marketing, their agency are doing a great job in putting up the perfect puzzle. Inspired by the success concept of TVXQ, JJ Project turn out to be memorable and stable enough to stay on the surface.


JB: A typical Korean face make him not outstanding enough to stay for long in the spotlight.  Anyhow, soak him blonde and appear with different highlight color in every different occasion make him notable. He is more like Max; the one with the high vocal range, while Jr is the rapper as same as Yunho.

JB is one well-build puppet. He is not natural, but most of his shots are perfectly choreographed, which is VOGUE.


JR, is naturally outstanding, resemble with Taecyeon 2PM face; he is the guy that every girl would have crush on. A rapper as same as Yunho, there's not much extreme alteration done on his image as compared to JB. You will just noticed him as some random cute guy at your high school.

Anyway, there's nothing impressive about JJ Project regarding their vocal range and fashion [since they didn't really initiate anything iconic, except for the weird pants and mismatch shoes]. But, I have to say that, their music are very entertaining.


It's good to have another male duo in the industry. TVXQ is more like the ace super senior with a comfortable career. I believe they were among the first to shake the girls' sanity before Super Junior. Two young boy with a crazy mix-and-match funky high school image, JJ Project is one of the most fresh and real idea that can easily penetrate in the youth lifestyle; which I can say, vulnerably phenomenon.

They have the potential to re-brand the youth if they don't just let the wire puppet them around. 

This is funny, but if I'm one of them, I'll take the advantage of my popularity to bring the awareness in the society, instead of just doing clothes ad, singing, and acting; boosting the public awareness with my credibility has always been my dream. 

What kinda awareness? We'll talk about it in the next post :)

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