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REVIEW: Marie Claire photo shoot [INFINITE]

I’m not sure what distinguish this boy band with other K-pop boy band. Their music is enjoyable. I naturally falling in love with their music once I listened to ‘Nothing’s Over’. Expressive, young, vibrant and refreshing; are the keys that make them 7 of perfect a puppet. 

Speaking of Korean pop music, I’m not so sure if they are a true artist as in brilliantly put their emotion in writing songs, compose and arrange their very own music. I personally think that they are just a bunch of well-auditioned singer/dancer. That’s why I call them PUPPET. 

Unlike Nicki Minaj, [it’s not that I like her] she’s a perfect living Voodoo Doll with her dark art of magic music, killing people’s mind with her stupid-hoe ridiculous self-composed songs. Not to mention, Lady Gaga; a genius mother monster, creating her armies of little monster, invade earth with her music and upright fashion, upholding human’s right and stuff; that is more than just a celebrity, she’s a multipurpose liberty character. 

Enough with my definition!

BTW, Infinite was featured in July 2010 issue of Marie Claire at their early stage of career. Successfully climbing on top of the entertainment industry, their popularity makes Marie Claire called them for another column and here are the shoots.

Actually, as an INFINITIZER, I’m here to fire out my Tyra-ness spirit and a lil bit of André Leon Talley, giving comments on Infinite’s latest Photo shoot for

Marie Claire Korea [INFINITE]


He is a very good singer; I reckon his voice is the most high-note in Infinite. Sungkyu is supposed to be more expressive in echoing his characters align with his body to be preserved in his shot. I don’t really like this shot, because he’s blocking his mouth, which is the channel for him to scream out his high-pitch vocal.

He has the typical eyes of normal Korean, and now he is blocking his mouth, how can a non-fan remember his face? I bet he was trying to be sexy by touching his lips, but this shot look amateur to me.


Hoya, the dancing machine, did a very good job in portraying himself as a dancer in this shot. He was dancing all through the photo shoot instead of posing.

 The head is symmetrically aligned with his feet make him look very natural and almost perfect, with a mash up Michael Jackson’s move; there’s not much to say because he did a great job.


This photo is perfect! Lot of energy yet not too much muscle and soft which is so L. There’s no fan during the shoot, be he was able to preserve a wind-blowing motion in his pose.

 He’s not that energetic during the photo shoot though, but he still managed to get this cute pulsating shot. Lucky you, L. This is a decent photo for a garments ad.


As far as I know, he is the only boy band member in the industry with a girlish personality. But hey, this shot looks masculine.

The muscles on his face give him the man-look. Song Jong is so thin, but the jacket makes him look not skinny, good lord. Regardless of his personality, there’s nothing superior about this stilt photo.


 This shot is very beautiful! As if he is rising with wings and he’s not mocking it.


His hair is floating, the ballerina feet, the hand position, the strong expression on his face; he is like a flying angel looking down to the earth.


This picture looks similar to DongWoo’s. Unfortunately, there’s no story behind it.
His face looks weak. Not so dreadful, still an eye-catching photo but there’s zero extraordinary.


I’m sorry Woohyun. You have a manly strong voice but your shot is not as strong as one. He looks like a weak little baby.

The hair is badly done. I don’t even understand his posture. He should spread his hand and do something stagy with it, except of bowing down with a broken leg.

So as the conclusion, 
I would like to honor DongWoo with the Best Photo for Marie Claire Korea photo shoot!

He might look blurry and funny, but he is the most expressive and prominent among them. He always look vogue and stunning. He have the voice, the look, the confident, and the personality. He's genius.


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