Sunday, July 22, 2012

#2 diari ramadan amirul

My body felt as heavy as rock. 
The gravity is getting stronger to me. Man, today is not tiring, but it's a whole different kind of weight. Perhaps my body is still in transition. Sumpah, my stomach felt awfully strange and funny, as if I'm pregnant a twin. 

I did not much ibadah today instead of the fardhu. 
I wet my tongue with selawat and prayers to our beloved Rasulullah. It's not good enough! I need to do more; like reading al-Quran and more. 

I'm awfully fatigue for no reason which is funny. 
It's a surprise that my body couldn't adapt the fasting immediately. I should have practice fasting regularly in Syaaban if I see this is coming ~~, 

I'll pull my weight more tomorrow, insyaallah.

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