Monday, July 23, 2012

#3 diari ramadan amirul

1. I overslept today, which is not good. Surprise surpise... 

2. My day begin with a tuition, where I tutor my cousins for Math and English. Alhamdulillah, Fathinah shows lots of improvement in Trigonometry and basic calculation; except for Locus and reasoning, she still needs to be polished into thinking deeply and sharply. Mathematics is not all about simplifying and finding answer. It's about finding the right key; what is needed to be solved? 

3. I break my fast alone today because my parent send my brother back to college. I didn't eat much. I'm afraid my tummy would get itchy again like yesterday. I don't wanna end up in bed again and miss the tarawih.

it's nasi kosong, dates, pepper chicken, murtabak, and a dessert.
Alhamdulillah, lebih dari cukup :)

4. I went to tarawih today and we have a tazkirah afterward. It was about the manners of fasting. I learned and reminded a lot about how important it is to be honest in doing ibadah. The tazkirah appease my 'library' with lots of Rasulullah's sunnah which is absolutely the best example around.

5. Seeking for knowledge is obligatory [fard], meanwhile tarawih is not compulsory [sunnah/sunat]. Bak kata ustaz "daripada hang pa dok tarawih 8 rakaat pastu balik, lebih baik lagi hang pa dok rumah, bila tazkirah nak start [lepas solat tarawih], baru hang pa mai." To me, this sound funnily doubtful; pardon me I'm not knowledgeable enough, but I do get the point that Islam is teaching the ummah that knowledge is super darn IMPORTANT!

6. The major clash is, knowledge vs wealth. Knowledge can act as a shield to our soul. Meanwhile, we cannot promise that wealth can look after us, but we are the one who need to insure the property so that it's safely kept.

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