Tuesday, July 24, 2012

#5 diari ramadan amirul

1. Forgive me Allah.
To be honest, my iman kinda declining today since I didn't do much ibadah, except for the fardhu and salawat. In my defense, I didn't do any reckless wrongdoing, at least :P I'm just me. The well behave me. Yes, I don't  have right to say that I'm tired because there's no such thing in showing your grateful to Allah.

2. I got my tuition allowance today, Alhamdulillah.
Hasanah showed slight improvement in quadratic equation. Yet, I still need to brush her up more in Pythagoras theorem and mathematical reasoning [ m.r. which I also need to study], and Fathinah is doing well in math and I task her to do lots of reading to improve her English. 

3. I'm watching Wilfred. 
It's a philosophic 30 minutes TV series. It took me a while to get the moral of each episode. Wilfred teach me major human behavior very well even though he's just a dog. 

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