Wednesday, July 25, 2012

#6 diari ramadan amirul

Today is literally tiring!
My legs ache because it's been couple of years already I haven't ride bicycle! I was thinking to ask a favor from my friend to go out but he was just got back from the bazaar so I don't wanna bother him ~~,

So, I was force to ride my little brother's bike to find something to eat. It happened that we have some home stall around the neighborhood. It's genius [the fact that they are selling variety of dish in front of their house] actually because not everyone [especially me!] are willing to go to the bazaar. I can't withstand the crowd =,=

Mama isn't feeling so well today :(
So, there was nothing special for iftar. That's why I was looking for some kuih or else we will just break the fast with yesterday's food alone. I hope mama will recover very soon. The house [to be exact, the kitchen] won't be alive without mama! 

Oh, I drop by my aunt's house when I was out looking for some kuih. The stall is only a stone's throw away from her house, so I decided to rest for a while and scared my little cousin, Syasha! [><,]

the fasting went well for today. May tomorrow's ibadah be better than today, isnyaallah :)

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