Friday, July 27, 2012

#7 diari ramadan amirul

Today's Surau Kampung Batu 5 tazkirah, 
emphasized about the power of barakah in Ramadan. The power of barakah is that when it's blended into a small thing, the reward will be multiplied by Allah and that's the concept of ibadah in Ramadan. In contrast, if we commit any sin, the punishment might also be multiplied as well.

Ramadan Al Mubarak, the month of barakah.
Isn't it obvious enough that it's like a gold mines or a very high return investment for us?

The ustaz jemputan told us
a story of an old man who die in wealth.
Not only wealth in money, but also the wealth of reward from Allah.

He alone bear all the cost of making a mosque, interior facilities, the land and almost everything. It's going to be a huge beautiful mosque. But sadly, before he get the chance to pray in the mosque, Malak al-Maut, Azrael has picked his soul first.

Sentimentally, it's tragic.
Ironically every week, not less than 3000 muslims visit the mosque to perform salah. Can you imagine his weekly reward directly transferred into his account? Subhanallah.

Infaq, one of the most high-return investment; 
 the return will be delivered to us even if we are already in barzaq. 

you won't ask for more if there is barakah in your life.
everything is just sufficient if there is barakah in your life.

Something huge [a huge downturn in my life] happened today.
Somehow, I'm glad that Allah let it BAM on ma face today or else I would have still lingering around the vague pink cloud. Now that I tie my heartstrings off, I'm free from the human love madness, and now I have more time to pour my love to Allah and Rasulullah  ;)

Dear Allah,
my iman has it's rise and fall, but can you please let the heat last?
long enough at least until my last breath.


_kAk mAh_ said...

im no longer see a young boy here..but im proud that i am a friend of a matured young man who promised will love Allah and Rasul..

Aiza4t said...

thanks kak mah...we are growing older and bolder too :)


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