Monday, July 30, 2012

#9 diari ramadan amirul

It's the ninth night of Ramadan already and we are almost at the end of the first part of Ramadan, The Rahmat.

The ustaz just now deliver the tazkirah with his eyes close almost the whole session and I almost mistaken him as a blind old man. He stress us the important of barakah, AGAIN

Secularism is a cancer.
Not only it ruin the body, but also able to kill it.
A muslim country practicing a secularism in politic is like, borrowing someone else's Sneakers when you already have a Chanel  . Why must we primarily practice a human-made principle to run the country when we already have a Allah proven principles?  It's hard to seek the barakah through secularism.
It's not wrong, but it's unwise.

He also speak of assabiah.
These are the 2 things that is needed to be perished from our community. Enough with the 'hidup melayu', and stuff. Say no to assabiah and go for 'hidup Islam' instead. What about our chinese and indian muslim brothers and sisters? Well, of course the 'ketuanan melayu' thingy is to help and protect our pack; but why not we aim for the larger picture? Let us rise as a strong muslim community instead of just uproar the mighty mythic power of malayu. This mission is not for the sake of our community's peace alone, but also for our peace in barzaq. 

secularism in religion?
It is destructive.

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