Thursday, July 26, 2012

before the dawn

this is just another casual update.
there are lots of obstacles on the road of Ramadan; not only your stomach is making another dubstep remix, but your brain might also get shitty due to you 'hold your fart', try not to ruin the moment.

I can and dare to call myself a good adviser and a good listener too.
Many people come to me for favor and I'm more than happy to help. I hate to call myself a counselor but quite  many friends of mine are using my tips; in stuff like relationship, gadgets, academic, stress management, friendship etc.

I don't wanna call myself a guru, because I'm no one. 
But when everything went well with their problem, I'm happy and thankful to God that Allah ease their burden through my advises.  

But when I'm facing the same problem as them, I just can't face it.
I need someone to tell me what to do. Yes, even telling me the same solution in my mind, I just want to face it with someone holding, watching ever me. I do have someone to talk; my best friends. I just don't wanna bother them since even themselves are in a quite complicated issue. 

Why can't I just advice myself; with the same philosophy?
I don't know. You naturally can't suck your own dick I guess. 

It's always darkest before the dawn; because there are better days waiting ahead.
The dog days are coming.

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