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how to survive mouth ulcers in my way?

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16th July 2012

Okay, I'm back.
I'm not in mood of literally talking or kissing [haha hell serious] anyone because it's been a week I'm under the torture of fire burning ulcer in my mouth. Eating with an ulcer is like pouring gasoline on a burning house.

How does it happen?
-accidentally bit your mouth very hard especially while you are chewing any tough thick food.
-Vitamin deficiency, especially B-complex, folic acid.
-emotional stress
-bla3 yada2

So how do I survive throughout the week? [yes, it might take a week or more for the cell to recover themselves].

1. Practice Balanced Diet

Make sure your meal's nutrient is as balance as the pyramid food. Protein is very important for tissue development, oh, and vitamins as well.

2. Moist Your Lips

Our mouth can get exceptionally dry when we have ulcers, especially when we're sleeping. Based on my logic, it's as same as we have cuts on our skin. The cut will turn to scab and our skin will get very dry in that period.

So, here's a tip. Before you sleep, apply some Vaseline [pure petroleum jelly] on your lips. The moisture is long lasting as compared to lip balms. 

Imagine, how dry your lips might get with no water for 6 hours? You don't want to hurt your lips when you're yawning widely the next morning with a dry lips. 

3. Medicines 

Some says, Bonjela can be very helpful to cure ulcer. Personally, what happened when I put Bonjela on the ulcer area, I will experience a shocking volcanic burning sensation! But then your lips will get numb until there's no more continuous pain of nerves around your mouth area. 

Well, that's very helpful, but apparently, the ulcer area will get even bigger which is scary, but soon it will gone without you realize it because Bonjela sorta paralyze your pain receptor.

These are my remedy for ulcers.
How do you cure your mouth ulcers?
Do you practice any traditional remedy? How do you stabilize your emotion?
Do share :D

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