Monday, July 9, 2012


no matter how dark my past is,
no matter how slut  I was/am,
no matter how cruel I am to myself,
Allah is always there for me.

He might be angry, super damn angry,
but He still lend me;
the oxygen,
a healthy working heart; pumping blood rich with white blood cell and platelets throughout my body,
family and friends.

How ungrateful I am!
I'm sorry Allah. Please, with your bless keep me on the right track.
With your love, let me have the chance to repent [in future],
I know my sins is repeatably occurred,
I'm a weak servant, sorry again for that
no matter how many time I'm lost, please allow my soul to get back home.

Anyhow, I'll try my best too. I'll put my effort to commit. I'll pull my weight not to give up.

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