Thursday, July 5, 2012

picture perfect look

I always wanted a nose job. 

It's haram OBVIOUSLY, and I'm aware of that ~~,

When I was 10, people who do plastic surgery to boost their looks always make me wonder, why would they do so? There's no drastic change at all. 

But, the technology, the culture and fashions nowadays are rapidly evolve and anyone can choose to alter their looks, even it's a  slight change, the different is huge! Look at Donghae!

Lee Dong Hae then
Lee Dong Hae now

HAHA, I'm so not thankful with myself LOL
Nahh, not really. It's just another stupid thought in my head while I was pooping. EVERYONE THINK CRITICALLY IN TOILET, and before they fall asleep.

The world feed me with lots of idea of perfection and I think I need a a slice.

YES, we are not perfect, but who said I can't complain? ;P


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