Monday, August 6, 2012

#17 diari ramadan amirul

It's been ages I haven't update anything on the ramadan post section. 
I wasn't in the haus for 3 days, many official thingy need to be done. 

I was in Perlis too, and I got the chance to perform the tarawih there. Well, the tarawih was very different with my hometown regular way. It's a good new experience, though. 

Well, since I haven't attend any tazkirah lately, I'll just quote or squeeze some riddle out from my brain.

-The Winning Day-

1 Syawal.
The most victorious glory day for a muslim.
It's a winning day for most individual.

1 Syawal.
when will it really be a winning day for the Ummah?
when will the inhumane slaughtering of our muslim fellows stop?
When will the killing riot in Burma settle down?
When will all muslim, pull their strength out unanimously, globally to UNITE?
Unite to fight for our brothers and sisters,
our oppressed brothers and sisters

1 Syawal.
my dream, your dream, our dream.
to make the day to become the winning day for the Ummah.
The real meaning of winning, on 1 Syawal.

We still have time, to prepare a better 1 Syawal, insyaAllah.

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