Saturday, August 11, 2012

#2 pillow talk: WishList

I can spend the whole night:

1. browsing for Lomo/Holga/Vintage camera
Do drop by these sites:
[both are the same admin]

I would love to have this 110 FilmBaby as my necklace!

2. Do research about how China's tech engineer empower their tablet to compete with the famous  Google Nexus or even Galaxy Tabs.

Here's a trusted benchmark comparisons. I have to say the benchmark score is quite impressive.

This is my favorite tablet so far.

Yuandao (Window) N70:Rockchip RK3066 ARM cortex A9 1.6 Dual Core processor, Android 4.0.4, 1GB RAM DDR3, High Resolution IPS Screen.  

3. Planning my next phone here:

Currently, due to my financial status and my preferences, Xperia Miro would be enough to appease my madness for a droid so that I can freely Facebook-ing and Instagram-ing anytime.

it's not a dual-core device,
but for a social freak, a Miro would be enough since I'm not a heavy gamer.

I do love high performance droid, but let's load the HD Gameloft games on my tab. My phone is just for calling and texting (and light internet surfing of course).

"Those 3 things can make the clock tick twice faster. Let say I dream physically in front of my laptop without going to bed [~~,]"

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