Friday, August 17, 2012

Loan VS Scholarship

I need to be serious!
Gotta get my ass off the old system and start to figure out things on my own.
Aizat, go do your research, find information, bla2 yada3 etc!

I'm not really in the middle of a serious crisis. I'm just too comfortable in my zone until I'm narrowing down my option far too tight. I should do a lot of research and try to get out of the normality or the old options. 

YES, I'm talking of the financing of my education.
PTPTN is not the only channel for you to finance your education Aizat. Guess that I shouldn't stick with PTPTN loan for my degree [since I'm already loan some during my diploma]. It's time for me to go for scholarship. 

A small irony here. The famous JPA scholarship online application is just closed and I only realized and aware of this only a couple of minute after the line was closed. I was just about to apply! ggrrr...I heard that the amount given is quite large so that's why it's the most preferred scholarship, I suppose. 

Well, as for now, I'm going to try the Yayasan Perak. 
Yayasan Perak don't really have the online system for application, so I'm gonna need to go to the office and do everything over the counter. 

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