Monday, August 6, 2012

pillow talk #1

"I have my own rules, which I'm obligated to follow to stay me.
Some of them might annoy anyone. It's stupid that I'm about to list them out. So.."

1. Different language carry different culture and different attitude. 
Thus, the way I behave, the way I talk echoed differently with the language of my tongue.

2. I dislike and will never snap a self portrait picture of me in a public toilet mirror. 
people, SERIOUSLY? please, anywhere but toilet.

3. Knowledge is what measure our degree of brightness. 
Be smart. Not only in academic, but in carrying yourself. The way you talk, they you dress, they way you think; those are all the aspect that will reflect your public score.

4. People with many personality are not cheating.
They are actor/actress.

5. Being in different website, sorta me splitting my personality. 
I don't behave the same way in every social website.
In Blogger, I speak like an Oprah-wannabe,
In Facebook, I act politely casual and normal.
In Twitter, I'm a humble straight-away well-mannered motherfucker.

6. Please people, don't get weird when I appear with different perspective and emotion.
It's not like you're wearing the same mask everyday.

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