Monday, September 24, 2012

random thoughts

"wish that I'm strong enough to lift both of us"

1. Writing is no longer something that I can do everyday. I'm not lack of inspiration or ideas, there's a lot indeed. It's courage that I'm lack in.

2. I'm living in a new surrounding where praying 5 times a day is not something that everyone would do.

3. I'm in need to improve my quantitative analysis, so that I can rationally make decision by taking every possible shit into account so that I'm not gonna regret it later.

4. You treat me like a punching bag when you're on the rough path; but I will stay as your punching bag.

5. Stop talking like cigarette is your personal god.

6. Duffy is always there for my goodnight lullaby.

7. I'm scared to face another day, because the fear in me just won't go away. Then in instance, you were gone and I'm scared.

8. I can be very inelastic when it comes to having good services.

9. My lecturer gave me a very useful tip on how to overcome our anger:  

Do count to 10 if you're mad. If' you're still mad just keep on counting until you've no idea why the hell are you counting for.

The point is,
expressing your anger is not always a good thing.
Not all of us can handle it well and might end up hurting someone, or something.

10. I'm a dreamer.

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