Monday, October 22, 2012

delayed devotion

I should have prepared for the end. 'Ouch' if my partner read this,
No matter how strong a relationship is, nothing is permanent.
Even though there are 50 Ways To Say Goodbye, but please don't.

I'm hurting myself,
gripping the roses too tight.
I need to learn how to not to love too much.

i'm too hurt to dance tonight

Can't believe that I sound a motherfucking emo faggot! 
You want the reality??
here's the reality.
You are too sensitive and over reacting Aizat. There's nothing going on I guess =,=
Well, there is, just a tiny mini rough patch, but everything is heighten because you're an emo motherfucker, aizat ~~,

so CHILLAX and listen to Duffy ;3

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