Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Randomness!

1. Gaza news is everywhere (to be exact, the Facebook news feed and blog). BBC might not excited to cover the story, but the fact that everyone is talking about it and people all around the world are holding posters, raising their hope and voice, I'm more than glad that the awareness is there.

my cousin, Uqbah in the red T shirt
in front of the Malaysia United States Embassy 
the massacre is crazy and unforgivable! 

I'm here in Malaysia, and there's nothing else I can do except for PRAYING , praying and praying.
That's our best weapon. 

2. My first speech for the BEL public speaking was nothing but a disaster. There was a long pause that I feel like I'm a dead man in any minute. Plus, my Product Management TEST 1 result wasn't something that I can be proud of. My Personal Finance Test 1 didn't went well either, and I'm in the running for the next Test 1 this Tuesday! THIS IS DEPRESSING.

3. My roommates and me are planning to climb the Broga Hill. I heard of it once. We're planning for a midnight movie, an early breakfast and then we will climb the hill. 

Broga Hill

4. We're (classmates) planning for a seminar and the title is "Wanna be on top?". I love it. The title itself is a question and a riddle. I didn't plan for any clue under that lines, but considering the voice of the group member, we're giving some hint on what is the seminar is going to be. The speakers will remain as a surprise so STAY TUNE! These are the two design for poster. 

Which one do you like?

5. The graduation is just around the corner and I'm neither ready nor excited.

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