Monday, December 3, 2012

my CS report

Community Service Report:
A Visit to Native Village of Tapah

The beauty of being a human is there are so many different colors, layers, and types to be discovered. I’m ought to discover it, so that I can get to know my own color. Luckily, I was given the chance to get myself to immerse in an alien culture to trigger any hidden attribute inside of me.

We went to the village of Orang Asli Tapah with a bus owned by a cute married couple. Normally, the second person in charge would be the second driver. The bus driver is the luckiest man on earth to have a lovely wife to accompany him whenever and wherever he is driving. I’m amazed by the wife. She is very tolerant, adaptable, and never complain on how noisy we was and always stay next to his husband, keeping him entertained and wide awake to drive. It’s great that I already learn something even before I arrived at our destination.

sempat lagi deorg pose dgn aizat
yg tgh tido ni hahaha

Before we went to meet the kids, we were warned about their behavior. Some of them are exceptionally peculiar, like be careful not to pop the balloon because it might scare them, and they just love to secretly drink tap water and dislike the bottled mineral water.

I labeled those kids as isolated thoughtless children. I should never completely judge a book by its cover. They slap me on the face real hard when it turns out to be completely the opposite as what has been warned. They were so creative, loud, strong in pack, tolerant and full of smile and hope.

This picture was the result of the Fashion Show games by some university student.
Well, it looks simple yet exotic in my defense LOL ^^

Look at that design!
They managed to make old newspapers to look beautifully unfurl like a ball gown.

I was speechless when they hit the runway. They turn the trash into something fashionable which is remarkably creative for their level. Figuratively, just because your origin is not so lavish, it doesn’t mean you can’t unleash the potential in you and become something superior. With the aid of positive attribute like skills, high self-esteem, and some faith, these factors do have to power to bend your future. Embrace your odd beauty because it can draw people into your life.

Besides, it was quite a shock about the fact that they are most likely rich in vocabulary, have Facebook account, and very smart. Anyhow, we are all human. Nobody is perfect, and that is why we were there. The teacher told us that some of them are very clever. The school was blessed with 2 students from their kinfolk to ace with 5A in UPSR. They got offers from boarding school, and science school. They do have the common sense, but they are lack in awareness.

the facilitators 

We were there, pulling our strength, ideas and emotion to boost their sentience on the importance of education. We play lots of games together. Each game carried different mission. The elements that we stressed on were confidence, creativity, and strategizing. It’s satisfying to see the kid’s personality developing from one game to another. Throughout the day, not only they enjoy the moment with us, at the end of every game they were able to tell us the moral value of each game that we played. Mostly they answer in one word, but impactful like, integrity, honesty and alertness.

Their teacher told us the difficulties of those kids have to get through to go to school every day. Basically the story is just as same as been told in ‘Bersamamu’, but the different is the people in the story is in front of me, and it strike right into my heart. I couldn’t help it and end up touched and cried.

I always complain on how unhappy my life is, but I never realized that I’m still lucky to have a financially stable happy life with my blissful family and amusing friends. The trip goal is achieved. It didn’t only educate the native kids to increase their awareness on education, but indirectly it also teaches us to be grateful and become more concern to uphold the “destini anak bangsa”. 

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