Thursday, December 13, 2012

what I've learned so far...

I was born and raised poor; and I'm glad.
My mom was a kindergarten teacher, and my dad is a fireman. The weight got heavier when my little sister was born in 2000 and I was about to enter the secondary school. I was worried. I don't think our house and car fit us all as we are all grown up sooner. But I believe that Allah have a better plan. The newborn was a gift instead, because we have more reasons to smile now.

I entered a boarding school but my scholarship wasn't approved. My father funded my study with his side income as a carpenter. I'm proud of my dad.

It's always darkest before the dawn,
my mother stop teaching to take care of my sick grandma, so our source of income is reduced to one. My grandma is suffering from stroke. It's almost 10 years already. I'm inspired to have these two beautiful strong women in my life, for staying alive, together. I learned a lot from the drama.

My dad is the only working person in our family to keep us all alive. The children are getting older and wilder. The television taught us to dress, to sport, and to spend. It's not an easy phase for my parent to deal with 3 teenagers at a time.

We have some very expensive hobbies and interests and I'm afraid on how monstrous we could be to meet our ego need... 
I love gadget, fashion and redesigning our house interior.
My sister love to read novels.
My brother love shoes and skateboarding.
My little sister just love cute things. 

It's a mystery that my father's job can afford our lifestyle.
Barakah maybe? wallahu alam bissawab.

we were cramped for 6 hours in an atoz from Ipoh to Arau
 for my graduation ceremony. 

mama, abah, and me

*Why do I write this randomness?

It's interesting that most people seems to judge me as a loaded person, and I am so not, LOL [~~,] Please bare in mind that lifestyle asset is part of life investment and it's not that liquid. Personally, my lifestyle asset is my source of motivation, my personality booster tools, to achieve my life goals fashionably.

Money is no doubt one of the key for an independent student to survive. What do I like about myself is, I don't complain that much when my pocket is (almost) empty. From what I had learned from my journey so far, it's not always about the money.

My dad always told me, 
"do not forgo prayers,"

Praying 5 times a day is when you can learn to
stay focus,
set goals.
be thankful,
be punctual.

I'm not highlighting the solah, I'm talking about learning, and obtaining more knowledge. Rasulullah SAW once said something like:
"tidurnya orang yang berilmu lebih baik dari ibadahnya orang yang bodoh"

thus, I will try my best to be a devoted Muslim student, Insha'Allah.

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