Sunday, December 9, 2012


Blogging is interesting. 
It is where you can learn to enrich your writing skills, vocabulary, and knowledge. Blogging let you express your idea or message more clearly with the aid of graphic, audio and video. (bboooorrriiiiinggggg statement!!!)

Blog is like a personal magazine.
You are what you Blog.

Vlog a.k.a. Video Blog  is where you talk about life and shit in front of the camera.

just us complaining on how stressing a student's life could be. but it's fun.

This is lame.
But hey, start Blogging!

p/s: Actually i was trying to brainstorm for my next BEL speech, which i planned to talk about the blog shits. I end up spaced out, didn't sleep the whole night, checking on how disastrous plastic surgery could be ( that's you, Rose McGowan), Madonna-Gaga mockery war, and Paris Hilton's attempt to be a DJ ( you can't beat Havana Brown, Paris). 

I don't always have much to share, but I just love to listen to my friends random story and shit. It's fun, knowing their random stuff in life.

I hate it when people being sarcastic for no reason at the very beginning of a conversation.
Situation: A is greeting B who is doing his assignment. the scenario always best described among the malay, actually. It's the culture I guess.

A: Hai buat assignment ke?B: Eh, taklah, tengah menoreh getah.

DEFUQ B?? Even the local radio station is making fun on this greeting culture, and I'm not happy about it. A was just trying to initiate a conversation with B, which is a good thing. Enough with the unnecessary sarcastic mockery, people.

Okay, bye.

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