Monday, February 25, 2013

a slap of gift

I guess it's time for the official statement regarding my first semester result as a degree in marketing student at UiTM Shah Alam.

First and foremost, the first semester result determine on how people would judge you in the next semester (if you really care on what people think of you). Besides, it is important as the indicator to our effort for the next semester (too). If you managed to get DL, it's a ticket to a glorious triumphant second semester.
If the result is average or slightly low, 
it's a gift then.

A gift, 
a reminder, a motivation, that will trigger you to ponder upon the past (mistakes), the gift that will force you to rethink, reorganize, reorder. A slap of challenge, to beat the record.

It's okay
to set the first bar slightly low sometimes, 
because it's a promise of rising in graph. 

Thank you Allah for giving me this memorable gift.

It's funny that
the only subject that I got A was the one that I wrote about
Rihanna's Diamond, luxury car and shit LOL


tyka said...

Uitm stud rpenyer..goodluck then 2nd sem!

amirul aizat said...

hehe thank you tyka ;D


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