Thursday, March 28, 2013

open door policy

No matter how 'cruel' you are to your body,
praying 5 times a day is a non-compromised matter.
Don't double cross your tongue
claiming you're doing it for the sake of Allah
but your so call charity is just to feed your 'hunger' instead.

Open Minded.
Basically it's about practicing an open-door policy.

Sometimes, being yourself is about being you.
It's not about be what people around you want you to be
It's because you are happy with your own body, heart & soul

don't be stubborn. In this cruel world, 
sometimes you need to be what and how people wanted you to be
in case being you is wrong. 

Someone came to you and said, 
"hey, you look better in red."
and you was like,
"No, i love pink! it represent my personality and i'm happy with it."

People sometimes know what is good, better or best for you
They tell you this and that, not to kill you,
but to outshine the potential in you.
what a shame for a handsome beautiful human that they couldn't maximize their potential?

Stop being arrogant,
Open the door
Open your heart.

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