Saturday, April 20, 2013

emm, this is awkward :|

This is going to be one awkward post.

Friday is supposed to be my all-time favorite day. Somehow, God gave a slightly different feel this week

1. Out of the blue, I wanted to feel this kind of happiness. It's too good to be true, i know. Don't ask me what triggered me this morning? :| I was awkwardly jealous in guiltiness, because it's totally against My Rules.


2. Hug is a charm. When my friends are upset, I wish I could just hug them, tell them that everything will be alright. But, I can't just hug. Either it's guy or girls, both are controversial.

3. I'm going out on a date with my ex? I will assume it as two friends hangin' out. This is sucks man. I'm not over you yet. I can't lie that it's not hurts to even see your face again.  you tore me down real hard yet you can still show your face like nothing happen? What the devil are you?


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