Saturday, April 6, 2013

WEEK 5: my life so far

Surprise surprise...
at last, i'm writing something about my new life this semester.

I know, a soulless 'yeay'

i'm staying at flats. The house is okay; 
spacious, near with my campus, the bus stop is just three stone away, the mosque is just near to the food court, Alhamdulillah, not that luxurious but i'm surviving. 

btw, i'm making my room as comfortable as possible. it's cozy, red, warm and tidy ;)

oh, and the people...
they are nice, but of course i'm not the priority.
but thanks, it made me raise my game.

BS aizat. you are supposed to be grateful.
It's not that sucks actually. Thank-god I have commitments.

Research, assignments and stuff are what keeping me alive.
This ironic burden is what letting me forgetting the BC & BS people around.

Sometimes, i'm sick of their attitude,
na ahh, not so fast. i'm hating and learning.I'm telling myself not to do their mistakes and try not to stoop myself to theirs. 

As for my classmates, 
Alhamdullillah, there are some H&B motivational stepping stones.

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