Wednesday, May 15, 2013

dinner 1

a few days ago, i said that i'm not going to the course dinner.
i mistakenly thought it's a malam anugerah dekan, apparently it's not.
then i was thinking to go,

but then i decided not to go because
it sucks to go alone, well-dressed and take the rapidkl bus to the dinner

don't ask me where were my friends. the priority goes to the dinner
bla bla yada yada.....
surprisingly, i just got back from the dinner ;P

I started to realize how hard it is to make it happened.
so i sit my ego down, and support the business community.
my attendance wouldn't mean that much to them
but i'm appreciating their sweat in making it happened :)

the dinner was okay. the atmosphere was fine. the performances were GREAT,
but there was no scream and shout, since the audience were too busy with their food,

the performances are not really  by insiders. 
they were hired.
back when i was in diploma, all performances were from each batch of the faculty.
so all of us were like so excited and sorta competing each other.
we were literally berebut rebut to perform ^^p

LOL, i'm  showing off right now
when Faishal Yaya and Me, performed Bring Me To Life
it was mediocre, but the crowd were singing along, we did have fun on stage,
and it was a big pleasure to doing it ;p

i'm thinking to dare myself and plan a live performance
call me poyo or whatever coz,
i'm awesome 

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