Friday, May 31, 2013

my life hack

I assume myself as a really good stress manager.
I can always turn a problem into joyousness.

For example,
I'm having a 1 week break but i need to get back to campus 5 days early.
somehow, the 3 interviews doesn't went that well,
but i can see the way out, even though it's hard to convince my teammate to use 'the road not taken'

this morning, I was suppose to meet datin ummi at around 0930,
and I walk from my house to the chancellor building
but then she text me at last minute that she couldn't make it today,
then i walk back home, listening to K-Will, drop by the KFC for pancakes,
and lucky me, this morning was so breezy and I totally enjoy the 6km (pergi balik) walk :D

"enjoy your problems"
that's my life hack.

but there's one thing that i cannot tolerate with
it's my weakness i guess.
don't mess with my babies!
my babies as in my gadgets.

i sleep with them ^^p
and I can never sleep if my cellphones, or my tab, or my laptop is broken.
i would find any way possible to re-cook the rom,
any tutorial that would make my laptop healthy,
or as the last resort, i would beg my dad for a new one ;P

i'm forgiveful :)
i forgive myself and anyone who hack into my life.
defuq did i just said?

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