Saturday, June 1, 2013

police story

omg, tajuk yang menghasut sangat...
okay, ignore the uncatchy phrase above
  here's the real story..

my dad car was vandalised and nearly robbed
and we lodge a report.
"i'm sorry, that place is not in our coverage,"
and no action were taken!
they don't take any report. they were lucky that my dad is not easily agitated.

i'm sorry,
as far as i'm concerned,
the incident happened in Malaysia,
and we lodged a police report to the Polis Diraja Malaysia, specifically.
if we lodge it the the Singapore Police Department, you can blame us then.

I'm tired of playing husnuzon with the police.
This case doesn't occurred like once or twice.
I'm not blaming the police (oh yes i am! grrr...)
my point is, just be as integrity as how you urge us to be.

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