Friday, June 14, 2013


I have two Windows, an Apple, and an Android.
I wish I could liquid some of them. Unnecessary asset is haunted. 
They are all presents. It would be mean to sell them.
Having tons of asset doesn't make your richer.

Non-politically speaking,
I wish for a free education.
Some parents are willing to left with nothing
so that their children can have some money for school and university.
It's sad, hearing mockery like "susah la semua benda nak free",
when some people take it as a hope, to lift up the burden
Stop the insult.

Kaya tak semua sudut.
kaya harta, tapi miskin rohani.
kaya harta, kaya hutang juga.
raya kaya, habis raya miskin.

belajar berjimat
belajar bersyukur

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