Thursday, June 6, 2013

the top 5 songs in my Zune

These are the only 5 songs in my Zune. FML
But umm, (but umm!!) these songs influence my mood like brutally!

So, here are the 5 songs that give me the music orgasm,
or FRISSON, which is the appropriate word to describe the mood.

1. Cher Lloyd, Swagger Jagger

This is the perfect song to begin my day with. 
I would listen to this if i'm late for class, brisk-walking, or any long-journey-walk (as in going to Pusat Komersial). The beats make me walk faster and happier in every steps :D


Weird title, I know. 
I love the promotion concept. Everything about EXO is outrages since they are from another planet, the EXO Planet. The song is full with choreograph and kinda spooky. If I'm waking up moody and Swagger Jagger fail to spice up my mood, this song will do the job, to get me to walk with fierce and confident!

3. Skylar Grey, Dance Without You
After a tiring day,
and i feel like getting out of this planet, this song will dance me out of the Earth.
You know the girls, they can be pretty annoying; blocking my brisk-walk with their great wall of China.

4. The Glitch Mob - Between Two Points feat. Swan

Get yourself in the apocalypse Pulse mood, and listen to this song. 
I swear to my cats, it can give you the music orgasm. This song is what music all about, stimulating your soul in the most quirky way..

5. Infinite H, Beautiful Girl
It is very awkward to walk through bunch of (cute and hot) girls as you're walking straight to them!  Yes, the most awkward, clumsy 50 meter walk >///<
This song will neutralize my blush :P

the playlist kinda outdated, but
walking is boring without music ♫

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