Thursday, July 25, 2013

random of The Half

1. Subhanallah, it's half of Ramadan already! The days of His mercy has gone, and now we are in the 10 days of forgiveness. So, let us all seek for His forgiveness, not only for ourselves, but also for our parents, family and our relatives who are in barza

2. It's a hectic week. I'm having presentation, test, final assignment, and coding due date all in this week! Dear Allah, give me the ease to accomplish all the task :D

3. "Pretty face is not gonna get you far. You have to value the education too"
is more like 
" Good English is not gonna get you far. You have to also be able to understand and re-explain critically"

4. I'm listening to Maher Zain's track like everyday. Thankgod we have him in the industry. Of course we have local brilliant nasheed group like Raihan and the gang, but Maher Zain records are so in my tune.

5. I can't wait for The Smurfs 2. Britney Spears and her sons are excessively adorable.

6. It's a bit early for me to speculate about this.
Most of us are celebrating the Aidilfitri with the open house, mini-concert, festival and stuff, TV programs like A MONTH LONG. That is a norm in Malaysia.

It's just my opinion,  in a humorous way, it's like kita kasi balas balik. Macam qada makan, qada tidur,dan segala sudut qada.

Is that how we celebrate the hari kemenangan?
More like celebrating the hari pembebasan dari ramadan, worst, hari pembebasan syaitan. It's time to put on practical on what we are doing now in ramadan, bending/controlling the nafsu.

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