Wednesday, September 18, 2013

definisi kawan, lagi :)

Other than the academic input, these are the things that I learned today:

During the ice-breaking, the lecturer put us in pair and assigned us to point out our friend's strength. It was embarrassing and silly. Somehow, once everyone had done, it wasn't that dope. We were actually given the chance to give recognition to our friends, which is not something that we would do everyday.

To be a good friend, we must not be embarrassed to stand next to our friend when they are doing something silly, that will make people think that you are stupid as well. Great friendship is about willing to look stupid together.

Lesson learned :)

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tenku butang said...

Done follow sini no. 129
Jom follow teman yea,
Leh kunjung mengjunjung pasni..
Salam kenal yea..


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