Monday, September 2, 2013


yeay new look!
it's been awhile i haven't update anything here. So many things happened. 
Recently it's the rise of ron95, the Egypt issue, my short-course, my crave for a new cellphone,
my 1 week semester holiday, and much more! So much to do so little time to write eh? Lol

Whenever i wanna update anything here, 
i don't just think twice. I'll think more than twice. I will contemplate.
My writing post maturity level is like the thermostat.  
I'm too arrogant to stoop back down.
or else i will contradict myself.
is this hypocrite? 

Why so serious, aizat?
this is why i don't really write lately lol
just write whatever you wanna write.
and this blog will once again be filled with bullcrap 

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