Sunday, November 24, 2013

#HOTLINK, to subscribe or not to subscribe?

Exciting huh? Surfing free at last! Who don't want free internet 24/7?

I was using the U Mobile unlimited internet plan but it's a disappointment when i'm indoor. Even when I'm on the sixth floor of a building in the middle of Shah Alam City, U Mobile reception is sucks, and always appear in roaming.

So I decided to go for Hotlink internet plan. It is by far fulfilling my social needs at low price. To speed up the connection (up to 42 Mbps vary to reception), you can choose to purchase any booster plan from as low as RM1 to RM30.

Why do I like it?

  • Simcard is activated right away after the purchase. No need to wait for certain hours to be activated)
  • Free responsive basic internet (which I assumed at 64kbps) as compared to U Mobile basic internet speed
  • Instagram browsing took around 3 second to load one picture, which is acceptable at basic speed
  • Even though my credit has expired, I can still use the internet (no call and messaging) 
  • Maxis indoor coverage is satisfying as compared to U Mobile

What I dislike about it?

  • the credit period is shorter than other telco
  • unlimited fast speed browsing at RM1 only via Opera Mini
  • RM1 for 1GB only applicable from 2 a.m. until 7 a.m. (which i don't really mind LOL)

Those are by far my opinions about #HOTLINK free internet plan.
How about you? Do you plan to subscribe?

If you are already a Hotlink user, simply dial *108*25# and convert to this plan at price of RM5. The conversion is not applied on the Youth plan. I tried but it's not convertible, that's what i bought another simcard.

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