Tuesday, December 10, 2013

the martrade report

After the field trip to MARTRADE, the lecturer asked us to do a report on it. So, me and Amilia was trying to write the report, and this is how it turn out to be:

Beyond Borders is about bringing Malaysia beyond its border. Outside the border, lalalalal lalala sing a happy song. This event in matrade taught me that life is boring. Economy really makes me sleepy. There were so many free foods and that’s why I was excited to go. There were so many hot foreigner that I felt like I was in an audition for a porno. Besides that, they were so many booth that we had to visits. It’s from all over the world and so many segments. The technology advance was good for assignment because I’m lazy so there’s this mouse where we can do everything with just a click. Like literally. Just a click. Then we bought chocolate. Why ? cause I wanna be fat. I mean fabulous. Then the germans was tired so we ate telinga keling. So I had to settle down for something else. How sad was that. Then there was this famous girl that I don’t give a shit about. But she’s famous. Because I’m famous so I don’t care. In the end Matrade was fucked up. So why would you wanna know about Matrade? Google je la -__-. Life is easy with google. Stay awesome.  

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