Tuesday, December 31, 2013

yeay final exam

It's final exam week and tomorrow(more like in the next couple of hours) is the first paper,
Relationship Marketing.
The definition of Relationship Marketing is the continuous activities engaged in fulfilling the mutual core goal of both organization (profit) and customer (satisfaction).

I'm like extremely calm which is weird.
I mean, I watch The Hobbit last night,
and Ed Sheeran's voice is so beautiful
and the dragon was horrifying
and I watch this Japanese horror movie, Noroi, The Curse, (it's like The Blair Witch Project, but creepier) that scare the shit out of me, like literally i shit in my pants
there're like tons of Hollywood adaptation of Asian horror movies, I mean Asian horror is the best
and that's why I'm scared to watch Asian horror
oh, and I read in the newspaper that the polar shift is happening
like the movie 2012
it shifted like 2 km per day
Crazy right!
it's the end of the world
repent people!

Oh, tomorrow is my first paper, Relationship Marketing.
Hmm, iyyep!

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