Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Zopo smartphone invalid IMEI issue solution

I don't dare to jump from one ROM to another when I'm using Zopo zp990. There are too few stable ROM available, unlike the other mainstream brand.

I used this custom ROM and it's stable at first. But then I need to restart every time the data or the WiFi stop working.  

You can always turn back to the official stock ROM, but if you didn't do it right, you might end up with a few errors on your Zopo, and one of them is Invalid Imei in your notification tray.

So how do we make the telco name appear again?

1. Go to dialer and key press *#*#3646633*#*#

2. Swipe to left to go the the Connectivity tab, and select CDS information. 

3. Now select Radio Information, and your screen should be as in the picture below.

4. There will be two option which is phone 1, and phone 2. Select phone 1 first, which is for the first sim.

5. Select the command as shown below (simply type them in).

6. The command, AT+EGMR1,7,"enter your IMEI code as written on the box of your phone" and press SEND AT COMMAND

7. Once you are done, REBOOT! 

8. Repeat step 1 until 5 for the second sim. But, the command for the second sim would be AT+EGMR=1,10,"enter your IMEI code as written on the box of your phone", press SEND AT COMMAND and reboot.

Good Luck!

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