Thursday, January 9, 2014

dealing with stupid people

I'm so angry because I care.
Or else I wouldn't give a single fuck

You literally let people stomp on you,
and you claim that you are being matured? Okay, I respect your belief, but
NO! It's more like you're letting people playing with your pride and bullying you.
Fuck why can't you see that?!

It's an endless debate when you're fighting with idiots.
So, don't entertain them.

When people mock me, I will ABANDON them
but I will slap them in my head like 134982619198461 times, then I moved on. 

We use stupidity when we fight with idiots,
because they don't do logic and reasoning.
So don't fight back, because it's a trap to draw out the idiot in you.
So that ya'll can be stupid together.

So, please don't give a fuck!

So no more fuck left to be given, I'm sorry.

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