Wednesday, January 8, 2014

oh Malaysia? yeay

Here are just some random things about people recognizing Malaysia in their own way. There's nothing to be proud of, because they are random.

Becky-G feat - Problem

The lyrics is "new Benz all black from Malaysia". I have no idea what does a black Benz really have to do with Malaysia? -__- are we well known with our Black Benz (it's not even a Malaysia car) that it should be immortalized in a song. Fuck me for being paranoid LOL, 
but, REALLY?

love the song, have a spin

I love this movie because it's cute, hot, funny, stupid and that's what make it great! All you have to know about this movie are, there's heartthrob Daniel Henney, the beautiful X-Men  Bingbing Fan. watch it now!

Oh, and it featured some scene from Malaysia
the lead actor, Aarif Rahman is a malay half-breed

Lady Gaga Gypsy

She mentioned our country along with some other countries. 
yeay big deal :-| 

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