Friday, February 7, 2014

3 days off

the 4th and the 5th day of my intern, I have to spend it at home because I took 2 days MC. Something is wrong with my head that I temporarily loose my right sight. It comes and go. It's absolutely not normal that the clinic right away send me to the emergency department of the nearest hospital, Al Islam Specialist. 

My body is too tired yet I refuse to admit that I am (being a promoter is insanely tiring even though I enjoy it), but it shows somehow. Thus, the doctor give some prescriptions and 2 days rest. The funny part is when I told the manager that I was admitted to the hospital and she was like, "are you sure you can't come?"

I'm not sure if she's being silly or she's joking or they didn't really concern much on the employee's charity. 

The first day (4th day), I didn't feel well, bad enough that I can't stand  or walk all the way from Segambut to KL Sentral and then to KLCC. So I just texted her like 7 in the morning that I couldn't make it. I'm sorry, my bad. I was suppose to properly call the manager directly. 

That night, I went to the clinic and then the doctor refers me to the hospital. I got checked up and everything is under control still, I need to rest so that my body can settle down. So the next morning (this morning), I called the sub manager to inform her my condition. Then the double face palm shit happened.

They are treating me like I'm a cheap labor. Yes, I am. I'm being paid RM500 monthly which is very cheap. But that doesn't mean, I'm holistically cheap. I'm not just another worker. I'm still a student who's doing an industrial training. If this is the treatment of an employer to an employee, I have no choice but to include it in my report. I'm just doing my job. I have no intention to kill anyone here.

On the bright side, I assumed that I'm too good that they are upset that I won't be around for 3 days (Saturday is my off day), or they don't really give a damn about me.


Amanina said...

rm500, working in klcc? isn't it too low?

amirul aizat said...

yep, i'm a very cheap labor.
well, intern memang deorg tak nak bayar mahal2 hahaha ;p


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