Wednesday, February 5, 2014

3rd day internship

I'm too tired to write a complete report.
There's many excitement to share but, let's keep  it simple.

My friends laugh at me
I'm a degree business marketing student and I'm doing internship as a promoter in a boutique
well, i think it's a silly idea as well
not until today

I get to meet many kind of people
that I believe my other friend don't get to meet in their training.
most of the customers are foreigner and the local rich people
I mean, 99 bucks for a stupid round neck T shirt?

it's an orgasmic pleasure
when you serve the customer and they are happy and the bill is thousands of bucks in a single receipt
because of you?

It's the third day already,
The fellow staff and the manager are nice people.
There's a few bitches, but I will always be the biggest bitch
dancing in the dark

It' was tiring. I was literally standing and walking like the whole working hours.

damn, i need to sleep
I can't feel my leg.

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