Saturday, February 1, 2014

according to my dad

I have this issue where I trust and love my friend too much
Somehow, is my  friendship mutual or I'm just an extra handbag?

Since I'll be staying with bunch of strangers during my internship,
my dad figuratively slap me in the face with some categories of friend.

They are just too interesting that I need to document it!
It's like a chronology to find the ultimate true friend
or some kind of acid test

Types of Friend 
according to my dad

   kawan di kedai kopi

This is a hi-hi bye-bye friend. You may bump into each other at kedai kopi, mall, faculty, or other public places. It could be a handshake, smile and wave, or kiss on the cheek; but that just it. It ended there. You don't really give a fuck about each other's life because there's no time to talk. It's just a few seconds contact. You like each other and don't hate each other.

   kawan sampai pintu pagar

This category define your nice friend. It could be your classmate, colleagues; or whom you meet everyday or quite frequent. You talk about life, football, movies, and shit. You go to the mall and he/she is kind enough to hitch you a ride and send you home sampai pintu pagar rumah. You guys share a lot; story, interest, gossip and all but nothing beyond personal stuff. Nothing go beyond the pintu pagar (I'm talking about family matters). Ya'll like to spend time together.

Somehow, there's a chance to secretly hate each other, that one of you accidentally offend the other party, but afraid to complain because he/she cherish the friendship and don't dare to push it to the limit and lost the friendship privilege.

   kawan sampai pintu rumah

Basically you are where you live. Your rumah reflect your life. It define your personality. It is personal. It is where you grown up. Those friend who make it sampai pintu rumah are those who known (acknowledged/noticed) by your parent. This is where your good friends will be.

they never like each other but they do care about each other

Not everyone comfortable to showoff their house. There's a lot to (should be) hide. It's is because people judge. It's either they judge and tell or they keep it to themselves. The judgement started from the moment they enter the gate, until your living room. There are a lot to be judged. The size of the house, the car, the house deco, the family members, etc

I'm saying this, because almost everyone is afraid if they are judged badly. Somehow, I must say, do not give a fuck to people's judgement. They are not God that can send you to hell.

The friend who make it here are those who we casually comfortable with, professionally and personally.

   kawan sampai masuk bilik

Your good friend or your best friend is here. They made it to your temple. You don't care if your room is a mess or a mansion, you just let them in. You trust that they won't judge. They are as fucked up as you are.

Kawan sampai masuh bilik; the sharing is beyond the pintu rumah. This a sleepover chatting I'm talking about. You can talk nonsense and shit for hours and don't get bored. 

If you have this kind of friend, you are lucky then. Keep them in your room (figuratively speaking) forever!

It's up to us to put which category our (favorite) friend in, and decide what to do next. Keep them? Treasure them? Or banish them! LOL
In my defend, it is okay to be rationally judgmental. 

Friend is fun
Family is boring.
But if you put friend before family, you're an IDIOT.

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