Tuesday, February 18, 2014

another week as an intern

Monday- Booting...
My week begin with an off day, 

Tuesday- Alone
…followed by Tuesday, where I’m in the morning shift. My sale was just okay and there’s nothing special on the field. So I watched Robocop alone. 

Doing things alone is sad, yet meaningful at the same time. 
I dine Subway alone, which I normally have it with Sarah Ilina. 
I watch the movie alone, which totally reminded me of my member kaki wayang, Che Zariq. 
I go to work every day by KTM, and LRT alone. 

At the end of the day, I felt great. 
For a small town boy who never had such life before, it is fun actually. 
A small life-changing phase is a good twist to the plot. It’s nothing sad actually. 

Wednesday- Bounce Back 
Today is when I fall. 
It was 12 o’ clock and my sale is RM0.
It’s challenging to serve in the women department. They browse a lot.
So it is important for a salesperson to convert these people into customer. 
Too bad, I wasn’t in the zone. 

Then, there were two female customers; 
two best friend who haven’t met for 25 years, shopping for gift exchange. 
Yes, I know the detail because we talk a lot. Thank you Allah for sending them to me. 

We talk about shades of color,
our common ground of embracing the utara culture, 
women’s power in controlling the advertisement and all. 
She’s awesome. A 42 years old women openly talking about homosexuality and fashion is not someone you can meet every day LOL 

Customer can share many things. 
They can share their knowledge with you; I learned about shades of color,  
They can share their love with you; it was lovely and fun helping a mother buying clothes for her children of my age 
They can share their negative energy with you; especially when I’m serving tired foreign customer with different tongue It is important for me to handle the customer wisely, or I might end up grumpy all the day. 

At the end of the day, I gain satisfaction that I can't get from high sales 

Thursday- Mission Accomplished 
It’s frustrating that I was assigned in the women department again.
It’s very challenging. 

I am the one who is in charge of my own happiness. 
So I begin my day energetically. 

I walk with the beat, I sing doing the housekeeping, I smile for no reason, I talk (more like debate) with myself, and ignore all the negative energy that might kill me. 

I have nicknames for my colleagues. They are Honey, Sweetheart, Darling, and The Bitches. Apparently, The Bitches were kinda bitchy to me with their overly ugly attitude, which I choose not to really give a fuck, so I stop getting annoyed and be awesome instead. My sale today is RM3.5K which totally exceed to target. In your face, bitches. Jahatnya aku LOL 

I serve a mother and a daughter, where the mother asks a lot of advises and I’m more than happy to help with tips and trick and mix matching. It’s very sweet of her to praise me for my good services and all. But the funny and cute part is when she tips me 5 bucks on her way out of the boutique. I was shocked and blushed and happy at the same times. Duh, 5 bucks is nothing, it’s a meaningful 5 ringgit to me ;) 

I went home happy even though my legs hurt. 

Friday- Cry Joy
It was an emotional day. 
It’s a mystery that I still couldn't figure out why do react that way. 
I woke up from a dream about me getting my exam result. 
It was scary and the first thing I do as I awake was checking my email. 
My result isn't something to celebrate, but Alhamdulillah, I get to graduate on time. 

My working shift is in afternoon. Today is Friday and as a Muslim it is a must to perform the solat jumaat. Today is also 14th February, Valentine’s Day. It is sad that I don’t get to perform the Jumaat. 

When I was in the commuter, my heart was debating on the issue. I felt weak and oppressed. As I arrived in the KL Central, there were bunch of people like in a society were doing a campaign holding big signage of ‘I am a Muslim and I don’t celebrate Valentine’, ‘I am a Muslimah and I cover my aurat’, I’m proud to be a Muslim’ and all. Most people were supporting the campaign. 

Many people including the tourist took pictures, flyers were distributed, the club member were giving advices around, and others just smile, wave, or show good thumbs up to them as the sign of support. 

they were all teenagers like me. They must be strong enough to be in the crowd, reminding the public and talk to random people about kalamullah, and I am here doing nothing. To be exact, I’m here too scared to ask my manager for permission to perform solat jumaat. It’s very awkward and strange that my eyes leaked all the way from KL Central to KLCC. Thankgod people in the LRT don’t really give a damn LOL. 

As I arrived at the boutique, I told the manager that I want to go to perform the jumaat. They didn't’t take it seriously that I have to ask twice. 

Alhamdulillah, I get to do it, but with the price of time. I need to replace the minutes with extra working hours. Well fine, anything for Allah. It’s unfortunate that I don’t get the privilege to perform ibadah freely. 

My manager is a Muslim. I wish she can understand the situation instead of go grumpy every time I ask to go out for solat. Somehow, I’m proud of myself that I fought for my right. It’s a small victory, but it made my day. 

Saturday- Judgmental 
Eira, one of the senior that I’m closest to, complained about my commitment that I’m not excited to do more sale. How do you know that I’m not excited? 

Okay, I may not be happily excited, but I do have my ego as the driven for me to do more sales. It would be sucks to go home with low sale. It’s ironic that I commit a lot running the outlet; greeting, serving, recovering, housekeeping, and all, and all they want is the sale. 

I only ask for a goddamn vision and mission of the company, and it’s the second week already. I got nothing but complain. 

Sunday- Passive?   
They perceived me as a silence person so it’s okay to transfer me to the men’s department LOL. I’m not that silence anyway. When it’s time to serve the customer, I serve them. But when I’m free, I think it is okay to chit chat with your friends. It’s the small things that can kill the boredom and reduce the stress. It prepares you for the next customer. 

All that they can think is when you’re chatting, that mean you’re slacking off. If I were the boss, staff happiness is an important thing so keep them energetic and happy to do their job. Haven’t you heard about total quality management? Pfftt…

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