Monday, February 24, 2014

internship: week 3 report

Shop Standard

no matter how ridiculous my complains are, it's still a great experience to work here.

Last week it was all about shop standard and classical migraine. I specified myself in shop standardizing, which is folding, size arrangement, steaming, and all. Iyyep, I'm a degree holder and I'm folding clothes for internship. 

I wish they can plan a better training for me. I mean, the fellow managers and seniors speak management like it's chemistry.I don't mean to insult or brag, but honey, I learn those shit. Do include me, please. Are they too afraid to delegate me anything because I might handle it wrong or better?

Somehow, what did piss me off is, no matter how high, or close to target my sale is, they don't give a fuck. I must achieve the personal sale target, period. Even if I commit a lot on shop standard, which no one really bothers to do, I'm useless if my sale is low.

This stupid stance make us play dirty. We can hate each other, fighting and stealing customer just to achieve the target. A group sale target is better. We can at least enjoy the teamwork spirit.

Classical Migraine

scumbag aura
The training is either too bored or plain stupid or too depressing 
that I was attacked with a classical migraine. It is not your typical migraine. It's the kind of migraine that was explained by the ancient doctor that you can see aura and shit.

I can see things now; like aura, moving white light; a snitch maybe, or whitelighter,
basically, I can know if the pain is coming whenever the bad aura is presence.

WOW right?
I get to know it from the specialist. My eyes were raped by some huge machine and recorder, and the doctor conclude that it is classical migraine. I originally suspect it was glaucoma; the unbalance pressure in the eyeball that can bring to severe headache as well, or worst, blind. 

So, the doctor gave me 3 days MC. Coincidentally, it was followed by my off day of the week. It's 4 days altogether, so I went back to my hometown, Ipoh for a holistic rest.

Now that I'm back, everyone hates me pasal aku cuti lama gila LOL, I am so going to be positive and optimistic like 24/7 
so that I don't get killed.

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