Monday, March 3, 2014


am I the bad guy for hating the system?
everyone can cope with it, why not me?
They are doing fine enslave themselves to the inhumane practice.
The practice where, money counts more than welfare.

"we don't care how sick you are. Just leave it outside before you come it.
People get sick. So stop complaining"

I was interrogated by my manager and vice manager about my performance.
I hate to go personal (which is closing them about my health issue), because that would not be professional. So I didn't spill.
Because if I do, they would start comparing a fish with a lion.

I love what I'm doing and I love the way I'm doing it.
Everyday, I have at least one customer that can make me smile alone while I'm on my way home because we had a moment. It's cruel when I've been judged that I hate my job.

I'm still a student;
who have a thesis to worry about,
who's having a continuous learning eagerness,
who speak in different tongue
who perceives subject  from a different perspective.

The bottom line is,
it is my health that affected my performance, period.
not that I'm suck, nor my attitude.

I'm not putting my health issue as the insurance.
I have my own remedy instead of the triptans.

I'm fighting it with positivity.
Thanks to my fellow intern friends who are just 2 floors up.
I can always text or pay a visit. They will shower me with motivation and positive energy.

As for now I am a positive person.
I need to focus on the positive side, and ignore the negative.


Amanina said...

stay positive aizattt, then more positive things will come to you! :)

amirul aizat said...

well, that's the plan!! ^^,


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