Wednesday, March 19, 2014

what keeps me going and smiling..

I served an Indian businessman
who was buying a pair of chinos and a khaki shorts
"your English is too good for a promoter, where did you study? Limkokwing?"
I proudly reply, "No sir, I'm from UiTM,"

I was helping a mother and a daughter shopping for the daughter new look.
"My daughter ah, sooo lazy to dress up. Help me with everything, please"
 I gave some advises on colors and practically replenish her closet.

"Thank you ah, here's something for coffee!"
I'm blushed. I'm not a waiter, I'm a promoter.

Kutip mana?
I served a mid 40 man, wearing a Burberry cap. I can tell that a stupid 100 bucks plain T shirt is a no biggie for him. He told me that he's going to the beach and plan to buy a short pants.

"Well, a T-shirt and a fedora cap will complete you, sir"
"mana kau kutip budak ni? he just make me buy everything"
My manager just agree-laughing to the customer.

p/s~ I'm going to stop here because you're going to hate me LOL

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