Monday, April 14, 2014

al fatihah buat opah

this was during 2013 eid. we were telling opah to look at the camera, apparently i'm the only who's looking ;P

The first week is always the hardest. It was depressing
Only today I get to write, document another important day in my life
the death of my beloved opah.

My opah left us on 8th April 2014 around 7.20 in the morning.

I was,
shocked to begin my day with the news;
relieved because she's been fighting for so long, almost 10 years, paralyzed;
very upset that my plan to spend the weekend taking care of her is not gonna happen.

Everyday is a battle for her, she's a strong woman in my eyes.
Somehow, this is not just about her fighting the disease,
but it's also about us; being tolerant and being a good child to a mother.
the help doesn't stop here, we're not gonna stop
sending her 'flowers' to comfort her in barzah

With her kindness and thousands of good deeds,
May Allah bless her soul and endlessly reward her with His rahmat.

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