Saturday, April 19, 2014


“aku berasal dari kerajaan langit, siapa kau nak berdagang dengan aku?
Aku berdagang dengan Maharaja China, Permaisuri England, 
bersahabat baik dengan Oprah Winfrey
Aku menuntut ilmu dekat menara gading cabang teratas
Kau tak layak nak berurusan dengan aku, tapi aku turun padang 
aku baik, aku nak berususan dengan kau”

you expect me to bow to you and go "i'm so lucky to have you here"
Honey, shut up. Just shut your mouth (•‿•)
Yeay for you, beribu ribu tahniah. But dear,

I don’t publicly self-proclaim that I have a class of my own.
I have class. But I don’t make big fuss of it.
I believe that less is more. So I love it when my best friends just get it.
No question asked.
They trust my gut. I don’t have to explain much
Oh, and I don’t need too much explanation. I’m not blonde.

I can be an ass sometime.
Is it because of my ego? Yes.
Is it because I don’t like you? Not entirely.
Is it because God send me to test your patient? I guess.
My point is, I won’t be an ass for no reason.

I know that I am not always right.
I’m willing to accept, I’m willing to swallow.
But not in a blink

Dear friend, stay strong
Face my devil, trust my gut
Prove me that your proclaim kindness
can kill my greediness.
Good luck J

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