Friday, May 9, 2014

challenge accepted

8th May 2014 - 1.39 a.m.
It is stupid that I have to work 7 days in a week with no off day. I asked for a day off so that I can go for dental appointment but it wasn’t approved. Can you promise the quality of work would be topnotch when someone has to work 7 days in a row with no time for social life?

You can do that. Bravo, good for you. But trust me I don’t think you are happy.

One of the employees got drug overdosed because of her fucked up relationship. Do you why it happened? Because she doesn’t have time to sit down and settle down!

I value quality more than quantity.
Keep an employee happy so that they are happy to do their job.

9th May 2014 – 10.23p.m.
Hi, and this me writing after hours of contemplating.
It’s all about the challenge. Can you do it? Prove to yourself that you can do almost anything
And that includes working 7 days a week. Don’t you think it would be a cute story to share over a tea with your friends 10 years from now?

Stay positive. There’s nothing you can’t do J

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